Monday, March 16, 2009

HBBC Fundraiser went well!

Thanks for the concern about the shin. The bruise is just about gone, and there is only minor pain when my shin bone is pressed. Maybe the bone was bruised, I don't know, but it is just about gone so I am thankful.

The HBBC Walk(Jog)athon went well. I think 10 laps equalled 1 mile--I jogged 101 laps(Someone else did 100 so I had to do 101. Unfortunately, I told him as I was leaving the campus, so he went back and did 2 more--rats!). It turned out to be a gorgeous day, and I felt great the whole time. Considering I hadn't really ran for 2weeks prior and no more than 6 miles at one time for the previous month, I was happy with 10 miles.

I could have kept going for several more miles I am sure, but seing that every one else was gone after the 2 hours I was out there, I felt kind of awkward running laps out there all alone. Anyway, I didn't raise much (just over $100) dollars, but it was a blast--and the peanut butter cookies I ate when I was done were to die for!!!

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