Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby Rebekah

I love nature, I truly do. But I am not a tree hugger or an anti-hunting activist, or anything like that, by any means. However, I recently have been telling my kids this story (they like me to make up stories at bed time. They usually become mini-series and I make them all up as I go--the kids have the power to change the story from time to time, and they frequently practice their right). This particular series is about a baby bird, Baby Rebekah, she is all alone in her nest because she lost her mother. An adult, male bird; "Big-Bird" James, finds Baby Rebekah and takes pity on her, keeping her warm in her nest. As the story goes, "Big-Bird" James risks his life for baby Rebekah. In return, she has a chance to give herself to taking care of him when he is deathly ill... so are you bored yet?

Anyway, the kids have been talking about this story a lot. So I don't think I want to tell them what happened today. As I was cleaning this house, I went outside to clean the sliding glass doors. On the porch light fixture there was a nest that I assumed was abandoned. When I went to remove it, two or three eggs fell out and onto the concrete ground and went Splat! I felt terrible.

One managed to be saved, but I doubt it's mother will return. Perhaps it will be a Baby Rebekah...but I don't have the heart to tell the kids I killed Baby Rebekah's sisters.

Baby Rebekah......I'm sorry!!!

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