Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mother Road 100 (part 3)

Training for the next 10 months will be geared toward preparing for the Mother Road 100 (part 3). My last attempt wasn't as glorious as my first. I dropped at mile 65--something I have since regretted and have sworn to myself not to let happen again. I had trained for about the same amount of time (4 months), but not nearly with the same intensity. What really made the difference was that I didn't want it as bad as I did the first time and so I gave up when things got really tough.

This year I want to not only finish but to finish well (perhaps even a 20 hour finish). So, I am hoping that I can stay focused and intense for the next 10 months. However, after my first hundred miler, I promised not to let running consume me to the degree that it had that year.

So, how do I balance focused, intense training with moderation and conservatism...I don't know yet, I am still working on it. But as usual, it will have to include running at crazy hours when everyone is asleep except me, and I will have to live a "second life" that exists only during the specific hours of training.


Charlie said...

10 months should be plenty of time to train to achieve your goal.

You doning the Sooner Stage Games this year? I'm in.

Erin said...

Best of luck to you, I'm trying to decide if I want to sign up for mother road this november. It would be my 1st 100 mile event. This year they finish at hardrock i think! Good luck in your training!!!

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