Thursday, March 11, 2010

go take a hike!

I really want to run a 100 miler this year--namely the Mother Road 100 (part 3)in November. I have been too relaxed thinking I have several months to train, and I have boasted that with all that time I should be able to do quite well in November.

But too much is going on right now. Once again I have had to prioritize running low on the list--and rightfully so. Let's face it runners: Running is fun, it's good for you and all that, but it should not control our lives.

That being said, I still plan on getting after it, but I have a feeling my dreams of finishing with some great time will probably be thrown out and I will probably become somewhat of a hiker again instead of a runner (I say "hiker" because the work "walk" doesn't set well with runners) Oh well, to be honest, some of my favorite "runs" have actually been hikes with a few moments of running mixed in there from time to time.

So, maybe I will get back to some speed work and a regimen of daily running, and maybe not. Life happens, and I can enjoy an occasional seven-hour hike/jog just as much as a four-hour run. So I think instead of trying to squeeze in a run every day into an limited time slot, I will just take one night a week to cut out some sleep time and just go for a nice long hike. Really, it's better than sleep anyway.

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