Monday, March 9, 2009

A Few Days Off

A week ago Saturday I played football with the guys in my Sunday School class. It was a good turn out and everything went well. Of course, as always, there were a few minor injuries, including mine. It didn't show up until sometime on Sunday. I could still run on it as long as I didn't jar it too hard, so on Monday I ran 2 miles with a running partner at about 9.2 minute/mile pace on a relatively flat trail. I felt good and the leg felt fine. However, in the following days, a spot in the middle went numb and the leg started to swell. Since I had a busy week ahead of me anyway, I just decided to give it some rest--just in case running might making it worse.

Right now there is a little bit of a shooting pain when I step (I think maybe the numbness is going away) but I think I can still jog some. This weekend is the fundraiser at the Bible College, and I don't see any reason I should cancel, but I may end up going for three hours and doing a lot more walking than running--we'll just see how the week goes.


Anonymous said...

Jeez!!! Take care of that!

Rocky said...

Thanks. It's actually just about gone. I've been doing hot, hot baths and then ice (there may have been a clot or something as it seemed to have been getting worse). The other day I went to a gym and did hot tub and then swim for a while, then back to hot tub. In one week time I went from its worst to just about all gone.

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